System Integration

Value added services. By your side even beyond the cloud.

  • Vertigo is focused on dialogue with the customer: the specific situation is analyzed, the key factors identified, and then the best options are shared by choosing the most suitable one.
    Through the market's thorough knowledge and business processes we are able to offer a complete portfolio of services: from strategic planning to the implementation of new operational processes.

    Our team is at your side as a support in products and technologies, as well as in the design and implementation phases of technological projects from the simplest to the IoT.

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Technical Support

    Vertigo designs, implements and administers IT systems supporting any type of need. We are able to support you for:
    • Server and desktop virtualization projects
    • Unified Communication projects
    • Networking and Security Projects
    • Active Directory domain unification and migration projects
    • Migrations of messaging systems to Microsoft 365

We digitize business processes

    We are at your side to support you in transforming your processes in order to make your business model resilient and reduce IT-related costs.


Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365 is a suite of apps that helps you stay online and get the job done.

    Help people and teams achieve optimal results with the apps and experiences they rely on every day to connect, collaborate and do their work anywhere.

Certified Deletion Sensitive Data

  • Most rewritable media are based on the polarization of a magnetic surface as a data storage medium. Traditional deletion of data does not guarantee their complete disappearance. Only a specific software treatment, if not physical destruction, guarantees greater protection against unwanted disclosure of data.
  • Vertigo offers you an integrated end-to-end process for data security.

  • We keep track of the entire process that involves moving your IT assets for sale, repair, replacement and / or disposal needs.

    Finally, we provide a certification of data cancellation (also with digital signature if applicable) or destruction of the memory medium according to the most well-known international protocols.


  • We provide a Leasing service for new assets and possible Leaseback on existing ones, through our trusted partners, including HPE Financial Services.

Second-hand valorization

  • Remarketing through partnerships with leading operators in the sector allows us to simultaneously pursue Green objectives and, where applicable, economically advantageous for the parties.

Operating Rental


Quotation of goods and services (e.g. laptops with configuration and installation).


Modulation of the quotation on monthly or quarterly fees for 3 or 5 years.


Conclusion of the contract with one of our partners, including Grenke, DLL ...


Delivery, installation and start of the operational rental


At the end of the contract: Remarketing technological refresh

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