New Video Surveillance based Products
on Cloud Motorola Avigilon Alta

We would like to present our latest innovation in the field of information technology video surveillance: the new fully cloud-based Motorola Avigilon Alta products.
Video surveillance is a crucial aspect of protecting people and assets, and we recognize the importance of offering reliable, flexible and efficient solutions. Our new cloud products have been designed to meet your needs, offering a range of benefits without
Here are some highlights of Motorola Avigilon Alta video surveillance

1. Remote Access and Real-Time Control: Thanks to cloud-based technology, you can access real-time video feeds from anywhere at any time.
This allows constant control and rapid response to any situation.
2. Secure and Scalable Storage: Our systems offer cloud storage capacity. This allows you to retain a significant amount of video data without the need for expensive local storage devices.
3. Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Leveraging the capabilities of the cloud, our products integrate advanced analytics and artificial intelligence features to detect suspicious behavior, anomalous movements and other critical events.
4. Automatic Updates and Simplified Maintenance: Our cloud-based devices receive automatic firmware and feature updates, ensuring they are always at the cutting edge of security and performance.
5. Reduced Operating Costs: We eliminate the need for expensive local infrastructure investments, allowing for a significant reduction in operating costs.

We are confident that the new Motorola Avigilon Alta video surveillance products will offer a

significant contribution to the safety and management of environments. We would be happy to discuss
further how we can customize our solutions to best meet the specific needs of your organization.