Disaster Recovery

Keep your Business safe.

  • • How much is your company worth?
    • How much is what you have built over the years worth?
    • Is it worth the risk?
    This is the fundamental issue: Disaster Recovery is not a backup, it is not a luxury, it is not an option. Disaster Recovery is insurance on your company assets, the know how, the patents.
    An adequate Disaster Recovery remedies this: whether it is due to natural disasters, Ransomware attacks or accidental damage, you will not have lost everything and you will really be able to restart in a few minutes.

Now think about it: is it worth the investment?


What it is about

  • The Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows to protect your infrastructure in a professional, simple and secure way.Through a management panel on a secure connection, it is possible to independently create Disaster Recovery plans and policies, selecting the source (primary site) and destination (secondary site) chosen from the VMware virtual infrastructure on -premise and the Disaster Recovery site.
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Bridging over IPSEC technology

It allows to extend the customer's network up to the Cloud Datacenter so that all the replicated machines are immediately reachable without the need to change any network parameters.

Fast recovery times

Fast recovery times, without service interruptions and with maximum reliability.

VMware Keep Point

If the server data is encrypted following a Ransomware infection, thanks to VMware's Keep Point technology, it is possible to keep multiple replica instances that are converted into snapshots.

RPO and RTO guaranteed

RPO is the metric that indicates the time elapsed from the last replication until the occurrence of a hypothetical disaster. RTO: The concept of RTO refers to the time between the disaster and the complete recovery of the systems.

Configure the Disaster Recovery according to your needs