Paper digitization

At the service of your business.

  • The range of services offered by VERTIGO responds to all business needs by offering the organization and effectiveness of our work system, the result of the experience gained in multiple business sectors and numerous collaborations with companies in every sector.

    Digitization streamlines processes and costs for
    the organization of document management,
    optimizing the allocation of company resources e
    reducing the size of the physical support of documents.

    VERTIGO's solution includes multiple services:
    a complete management package for the processing of your documents and the development of your business to its fullest potential.

Digital restructuring

Digitization is the process that consists in transforming paper documents into an easily consultable and indexable digital archive.

Digital transformation is known to affect a company's economy and is a primary goal. The solutions that VERTIGO proposes are aimed at implementing this transformation and include the analysis of needs, a functional planning of the
digitization process, the development of the best solutions for your business, software for managing your documents e
continuous consultancy over time to better develop the use of the IT system for company documentation

significantly reducing business costs * and with an immediate return on investment.

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  • -> Reduction of management costs
  • -> Time Reduction
  • -> Reduction of environmental impact
  • -> Tax Evasion Reduction
  • The guarantee of always having your documents safe, unalterable, available anywhere, indexed with significant immediate economic savings, the recovery of spaces now dedicated to archives and the guarantee of the validity of all your documents.

Additional services:

  • -> Digital signature
  • -> Electronic invoicing
  • -> Encryption of Pec documents
  • Our document management, from taking charge to post-scan management, follows a flexible process that adapts to all needs, guaranteeing the best results and the greatest savings in space and capital for the companies that rely on VERTIGO.

Document Management