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  • Our assistance service makes us unique. And particularly proud.

    Forget endless calls, operators who don't know your company or your problem, the need to explain it all over again every time you need support. THE Vertigo technicians I am able to offer constant and personalized assistance quickly, for any level of SLA (Service Level Agreement) required. With remote assistance or directly at your office. Like real superheroes.

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Vertigo Automatic Switch WiFi / Lan

Vertigo Automatic Switch WiFi / Lan This utility deactivates the WiFi adapter when a network cable is connected and vice versa.

Vertigo Cloud Backup & Replication

Vertigo Cloud Backup & Replication is a backup solution developed for VMware vSphere virtual environments.

Print Screen

This utility allows you to send Windows cutouts or window print jobs directly to the printer with a single command.

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Our areas of support


Virtualization of IT systems with VMware allows immediate and significant savings on the overall costs of the IT sector.


We ensure trusted wireless environments to protect businesses from possible security holes that can easily be found in traditional Wi-Fi networks.

Cloud services

A wide range of flexible and scalable Cloud solutions, with guaranteed hardware parameters and highly available SAN storage.

Unified Communication

With the integration of the telephone infrastructures with those of the data, the management of activities and the maintenance of the stations is simpler, cheaper and more efficient.

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